Grants for the Arts

The Rogers Foundation supports all educational goals. To that end, we support the arts and music in Southern Nevada in a variety of ways.

The Rogers Foundation will accept applications annually to support local arts initiatives and local artists and musicians including, but not limited to:

  • Supporting local artists through a residency program.
  • Commissioning displays of public art.
  • Commissioning plays or musical works.
  • Collaborating with local arts programs.
  • Providing grants to arts and music programs at Nevada schools.

The Rogers Foundation issues Requests for Proposals on a periodic basis. Current grant opportunities are listed below.

Current Funding Opportunities for the Arts

Grant applications for 2015 were due April 15, 2015. Please follow us on social media to be notified of our next grant opportunities.

About The Rogers Foundation

We believe that every Nevada child has the right to succeed. The Rogers Foundation transforms lives through arts and education providing scholarships to individual students and grants to educational institutions, initiatives, educators, and members of the arts community who strive to achieve in any aspect of education.

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