The Journey

When Jim and Beverly Rogers first met, Jim had just embarked on his philanthropic endeavors, which began with the University of Arizona College of Law. Jim believed that the education he received there laid the groundwork for his later success in the practice of law and the telecommunications industry. Beverly also had a history of public service and volunteerism related to education and the arts, including everything from tutoring fourth graders to reading textbooks on tape for visually impaired students.

After they married in 1997, Jim accelerated his philanthropic giving while Beverly continued to work as an education activist. After returning to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to complete a master’s degree in English Literature, Beverly began her active involvement with UNLV’s Black Mountain Institute. Jim and Beverly’s interest in education shared a similar focus. They agreed that to make a substantive difference in peoples’ lives, they would be most successful by concentrating their efforts and donations in certain, vital areas. Jim told The New York Times in 1998, “After you’ve bought all the toys, what you have left, you hold in trust for the public. I’m holding my money in trust for education.”

As Jim and Beverly’s paths merged, together they developed an extraordinary vision of philanthropy for education. Although the Rogers' have contributed to dozens of individual institutions and hundreds of students over the last several decades, Jim bequeathed his entire estate to The Rogers Foundation’s effort to transform lives through arts and education. His legacy will continue to champion opportunities in education and the arts for generations.

About The Rogers Foundation

We believe that every Nevada child has the right to succeed. The Rogers Foundation transforms lives through arts and education providing scholarships to individual students and grants to educational institutions, initiatives, educators, and members of the arts community who strive to achieve in any aspect of education.

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