The Rogers Foundation transforms lives through arts and education by offering opportunities to students in Southern Nevada through scholarships, programs, grants, and other activities.

The Rogers Foundation was founded in 2013 by Jim and Beverly Rogers. It was established to become a single channel through which charitable efforts will be made to honor the legacy of Jim Rogers.

Jim and Beverly Rogers have contributed to philanthropic and educational endeavors for decades in Southern Nevada and across the United States. Among the hundreds of gifts bestowed upon educational entities, those made to the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas stand out as one of the largest gifts in the university’ history. They have also provided significant financial support to universities and colleges in Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington.

Going forward, The Rogers Foundation intends to:

  • Fund scholarships to high school seniors in Southern Nevada to attend the college or university of their choice nationwide
  • Fund full ride scholarships, including tuition and board to high school seniors or first-year college transfer students to Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • Provide grants to public K-12 schools of Clark County
  • Provide funding for statewide educational reform efforts focused on educational equity through Educate Nevada Now
  • Support Core Academy, the in-school/after-school model that serves under-resourced students from middle school to graduation through mentoring, project-based learning, tutoring, and character building
  • Along with The Smith Center, sponsor the Heart of Education Awards, a ceremony to honor the work of Clark County K-12 public school teachers

The Rogers Foundation accepts applications for financial assistance through this website. For more details visit our Scholarships and Grants pages.